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first kron4 a cake thompson joins us live. they're letting
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us know where federal but authorities are in the investigation. >> federal authorities are looking for information. dave heard reports in claims of people in the neighborhood smell gas . they're asking one in december know whoever reported smelling gas to please contact them. they're also looking into it anyone who might have dead vegetation in their yard, that could be a clue there was a ghastly. and they're also looking for people to give on that information. they're asking for cell phone video out surveillance video, anything out of the ordinary that could help with this investigation. because they still have clearly not been able to determine what caused the blast. today they said they
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bought an additional investigators to help them out. >> we have added two additional staffers to help us with the work. when we have started to do, document the damage, document the fire, the heat, the fatalities the injuries. the more that we can document the exact location and the extent of damage and injuries. the better we're able to determine what the cause of this accident was. >> as far as what they did, on site near the blast site today, ntsb investigators removed three sections of the pipe a large 28 ft. section of the was the ball directly in the blast. a piece of pipe on either side of the blast. they're taking all that type and deliver it to washington d.c. where they will further investigate and look at it. they will try to figure out hopefully what causes last. kathryn >> thanks kate netscape thompson
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live from san bruno. as a member knows websites it to the six people that believed to be missing have been found. the web site does not say how they were found. this time the authorities are saying that their listing for people missing. pg&e crews have been working to restore power. dahlin reports there are more pg anymore workers and residents today. >> there is an army of pg&e crews here sunday helping evacuees returned to their home. because this was a gas explosion. a lot of residents have this fear of whether a mistake to come home. so pg&e door workers are going door to door to check for leaks to look at all the gas appliances. there also turning on the pile lights and water heaters and furnaces. their job basically is to assure the returning residents, that there home thursday. >> and make everybody in the house bill lot better when you can actually go and check 31 your gas appliances and make sure that everything is safe.
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with that reassurance, you consider little bit better at night. >> g. neas says its workers will stay on here until every single home in this neighborhood is checked and taking care of. she is denver know i'm donna lynn kron4 news. >> today some people were allowed to go home. others were least getting deceit was left of their homes. kron4 rigid for mark joins us live. he's done is to be allowed inside the perimeter. >> chapter of the 377 homes and were evacuated, 293 of those homes are being save enough for residents to return home. for the first time since the explosion thursday. take a look at this video you can see how happy some of these residents were to get back to their roles. some of their homes to have some damage, broken windows. but they were feeling very optimistic. the many efforts spoke to, were relieved that they have a home. many did not know their hams were standing. after the
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report's release. now at this point, authorities say that they are still compiling new numbers, as far as which homes are being deemed safe for residents to return tomorrow. but authorities say that they hope to have those numbers for us in the next 15 to 20 minutes. as soon as we get them we will bring them to you. now back out here live, many of the homes, on the street i met. i met glenview ennis a dry, some of those homes have electricity. some don't. chanel look at the church, i did see some people probably evacuees' walking into the church with some items like clothing and blankets. so the people that call we do not have a home to return to tonight. are saying they're in the church. obviously that's a good thing, because the church as of electricity. some of the homes of residents are allowed to return to have electricity this when catherine. to >> think very much reggie, and we do have information about the process of coming back into the
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neighborhood on our web site. here's some other ways also you can find out what to help the victims as lot of the kron4 com. >> cooler temperatures around the bay area, for today. the coast and the sea breeze was stronger. temperatures dropped 60% in cisco oakland. san jose in the south bay down to about five to 10 degrees in some spots. in to the mid-70s and eighties for the east bay ballot. the warmest place. fairfield 86 degrees. antioch 86 as well. as you can see, all these numbers down as it typically from yesterday about 10 to 15 degrees west. we will see reviews clock even more for tomorrow. a big fog bank of the coast here. a strong seabury's for tonight will push the spot into the bay area tonight, you're going to see become widespread in to the inland valleys. no. bay east bay, and south bay. so for tomorrow we're
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looking at those trees to drop another 5 degrees. temperatures of our highest mark, the '60s for sentences could oakland. redwood city instead was a low '70s and the warmer spots like concord and santa rosa only into the '70s. about five degrees cooler than today during that fog will sing a bit of time declared a warming up clear until early afternoon hours and some boards like sampras as copland. that will keep our cooler weather going for most of this week. then the forecast models tokyo possible storm system coming in this weekend. i will let you know more about that coming up. >> still ahead on kron4 news, less family returns home to a devastating san vernon neighborhood. a bay area woman could be released soon from iran. at a big sports stay in the bay area, score still ahead on kron4 news.
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whether they have lost their home or not, describe the last three days this our world. a lot of them say they are grateful to escape with their lives. >> those who came back to their shellshocked neighborhood on sunday afternoon at a new appreciation for what home means. if >> it is good to be home, and we have that a home still standing. >> but as they look out as seen the tar tremors that appreciation. >> is very sad, this is my neighborhood. >> a good girl lot worse for us, people with their in seoul said. >> the relief is soon replaced by the realization that their neighborhood has been forever changed. >> it's almost i look at my kids as it is usually treat, but now
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blocking the view. on what level be reminded every time i come home. as i'm coming down glenview. the tapestry is gone. >> we will just continue to pray for the families, that have lost their homes. and their families. and hopefully that whatever we can help is in the community to get several about together. >> is amberjack. our borders. >> temperatures are going right now. among its huge cache of the warmest place only in the '70s for tomorrow. all have the forecast coming up for you next.
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>> animal control as it was slow coming to the doctor and check on them, but we did not know the care their condition. so we talked hello control public times and the reassurance of the could see that they were both in and around. they left to the water over them. so we knew there were still eating and drinking. so that was our biggest concern. was that the dogs were left alone. and they don't do well on the fourth of july, so the sussman terrified for them. >> they have lived on this house since 1983. people were allowed, some of the many ways homes that were considered said there were about to give back into the neighborhood this afternoon like a couple. the process began around news. kron4 as dave was there was some of the first residents of back into the neighborhood. >> areas home on a state's drive is locator of directly above the area where the explosion occurred. this is the first r. sherry and her husband heads up when their home since thursday.
9:17 pm
and the first time that she is in the aftermath of the gas pipe explosion with her own eyes. >> just just a real. it used to be a neighborhood announced finished. two doors down the house was gone. we have small damages, but it is repairable. this is very devastating to the neighborhood. people have lost everything. i just recognize the neighborhood anymore. it is pretty sad. i'm happy that my daughter and family are alive. and my daughters cancer. but i don't know is just over a fairly, i'm just glad that everyone in my home and some of our neighbors are safe. for >> pg any personnel were everywhere in the neighborhood going door-to-door to make sure thing was it for the owners to have their homes. if his neighbors gathered in each other's backyards to take a look of the destroyed homes below them for the first time since their evacuation on
9:18 pm
thursday. 14 year-old rudy has lived with his family all life, they had to run from the house on thursday night. and now for the first time in her life the view from above looks very the pri. he >> i'm really thankful, but i also want help to. because that one of the people who need help. an hon. >> in san brno dave king cole of kron4 news. >> before being allowed to return home, evacuees had to go through dave very detailed process that involves things like insurance companies, reimbursements from pg&e. christine, would talk to one man who went through the aid services program. >> hear the local assistance service center, which just went through a process. risky new office of the process? >> what they are doing, is first of all you check with the red cross people and they check into your mental and emotional health issues. then you walk go over to
9:19 pm
the pga the people and they have to fill all these forms, and they are basically asking us to submit all bart information to them first reimbursement. burch was is that the insurance companies will not pay for cover. >> and then after you talk to pg any question is there another step after that? each >> i after that, which is basically turn over all receipts, whenever they provided us with its cards, to help us out with a lot of expenses. they have a of a hotel, the car rentals. those kind of things. the whole process has been very smooth to ada.. >> it sound like it was pretty simple? >> is it was, they are very well organized. but as a matter of fact right and the time has
9:20 pm
started, the city of several of and very organized. but we're very happy with the way they have been handling the situation. >> they give so much for talking to us today. a lot of people coming here today for the local assistance center. they're getting information about financial assistance registering. they will be doing this throughout the bay and christine, kron4 news. >> the sea breezes revving up for this evening pushing in the body to the bay. it is revealing to the east bay valley. temperatures are a lot cooler, then the warmest this time. reviews into the upper 60s with berkeley nevada to the five degrees of scholars the milpitas at 61 degrees. here's this satellite you, and things the been pretty quiet with acidic california for some time now. here in the pacific, there is a slowly moving storm. we will be watching this thing for the
9:21 pm
entire week. because it is moving slowly, given this time on this is nearly impossible, but right now looks like it could be here an outside chance for some light rain next weekend. especially for the north bay area. those still days out we will keep posted on the status of that. tomorrow but will be the big concern, mostly cloudy skies across an entire bay area. the fairfield center stage. it will slow it clear for the morning hours. it will be intel niners shot clock before we start to see the clouds clear of the east bay a lover clocks out bait and save for north bait. and the incentives as the oakland here we are in use of so-called jury hang around. it may not be telling or 2:00 in the afternoon before things i'll start to clear up. and we will start to see some sunshine. fog will persist on the coast all afternoon, and a result of the around the bay area will be cooler temperatures. we're 10 to 50 degrees cooler today about
9:22 pm
five degrees cooler tomorrow. load commit '70s for the no. 8 upper 50s to '60s on the coast. san francisco 561, redwood city around 70. only in the '60s for the show, with grace cows for much of the morning. berkeley high 62. mid to upper '70s here to assess they were in the '90s, for tamaras, 77 for concord as well as san ramon and livermore. both '70s and to the south bay san jose a high of 72 degrees. this morning clouds. some sunshine for late morning. this pattern is not going to be really bugs this month for the entire week. always for friday we're bored see lots of august through the morning, giving way to sunshine very mid to upper 60s by the bay, low 60s by the coast. there will be a chance for some light rain possibly from a late saturday. she into sunday. kathryn
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>> or look you live right now at the scene a zebra, if you can make up part of the area workers have been working 24 hours a day. it is a little hard to see. you could see crews and the remnants of a car. this is a part of the area where they're working to remove that pipe. we will be right back with more working to remove that pipe. we will be right back with more after this. peggy? sure...well... suddenly it looks like i'm being charged a $35 annual fee. yes? tell me it's a mistake. yes? are you saying yes or are you asking yes? yes? peggy? peggy? anncr: want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. but deadly on fleas.
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people are beginning to get back into their homes in december know. kron4 stalling talks to one woman about what was like to come home after a disaster like this. >> it is tempting, there was in the eyes, the swollen left. it is empty. >> saying that there is no place like home. and it could be more true, she is getting to see her home of 46 years for the first time since the evacuation. >> everybody told us of the house to find. and that's all
9:27 pm
well and good, but i needed to see it. and i have seen a. her house >> and passed away back in may, and regina was rare worried that the fire would have destroyed all of their foes. >> whiting aloes, the pictures of the grandbabies. the recent pictures of my grandchildren. >> in san bernard dahlin kron4 news. >> we're looking live at the neighborhood is severed or hit by the gas explosion. one of the things that we have learned today, california regulators have ordered pg&e to survey all of its natural gas lines in the state. in the hopes of preventing a zebra tragedy from this happening again. stay with preventing a zebra tragedy from this happening again. stay with us will be right back.
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. and a deficit when he left.
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fragments that they found. two more missing people today have been located, so there just for missing. 37 homes destroyed, eight hamas moderately damaged. the big news tonight though is that the pipe the center of the investigation which could lead to a mass inspection of natural- gas lines across california. kay thompson chose us live for december narrowed to tells with state regulators want from pg&e. gates >> while state regulators are immediately pg&e to start inspecting all natural gas lines throughout the state. and they're taking the added measure of appointing an independent expert panel j eight p g need to in this investigation. the investigation, here in san bruno said today that abram they removed the three sections of pipe one the largest section, 28 of section, was a portion of the pipe that was actually born out onto the street. they remove
9:31 pm
that and two other sections that were from either side of it. dearborn to take all of that evidence to ship it to washington d.c. and have their experts look at it. they still have not been able to determine what the cause of the blast was. they have bought an additional investigators, to help them out with a and expect to be here for the next few days. now one thing the investigators are taking very seriously, he is looking into the claims of their reports that people on neighborhood have been smelling gas, and reported it. they say that so far, they have been unable to substantiate those claims. they're looking for anyone to help them. to determine if the sister-in-law. >> we've heard numerous instances in claims of people reported smelling gas but had no responsibility for. so far in our collection of data. the various sources that we are looking to we're not able to find. a people who reported an
9:32 pm
order, and we would ask that anybody who said that they reported this, smelling gas. to contact us. >> not to contact the investigators, people can send them an e-mail it's at san bruno and 80 x b at dot com. they're looking for anyone who's around the day the blast, softball and video surveillance video. anything that might help to determine the cause of the spots. i come up with safety recommendations. the they will issue in the future. >> q k, increase from various agencies have been at the blast, for the last three days out. they're they're they of the investigators that we talk about pgm g. kruse, repair utilities. they're inspected the area to see if it is safer to venture in. kron4 rich occur more is
9:33 pm
live incense burner with more on the people who returned today. >> chapter we have some updated information. they just released said as of tonight, 377 homes were evacuated when the explosion first happen, 293 of those homes have been deemed safe enough for residents to return home. take a look of this video, some of those residents to adjust that to the returning on now 80 of the homes that were evacuated, have been deemed to unsafety r on the disaster perimeter line, so those residents who almost on will not be allowed to return home tonight. or even tomorrow. a briefing for those residents who on those homes, that have been deemed unsafe is being held to mark. is not only to the public it is only of the to the residence to on those homes. now we did speak to selling martinez, issues were the first people who is able to go back
9:34 pm
home. after 72 hours. here's what she had to say about the whole ordeal. >> i am very thankful, airbus, that are hamas still standing. we lost a lot of, people that we will not a lot but a few people that we knew. that or our friends. >> she know that your home was still standing? >> we did not know, we just got up yesterday. >> and what was your reaction? >> relief, will you were really relieved. my family was ok, but we're still have the the home is another level. >> said verna city officials say that pg&e crews are working on restoring electricity to all of these homes that have no no power. many of the residents have no power on dried up. they're also working on restoring cable services, to those loans. it will all be done overnight so hopefully by tomorrow we will have electricity. for or even within the next few hours. kron4
9:35 pm
stalling and spoke to some mentally ill health issue people of this disaster is affecting people here. >> among the returning residents, they're required a few red cross to help workers walking up and down the street. they're here to help and provide counseling for those were so traumatized by the experience. >> those families a loss of comes, and some of the lots their neighbors in this fire. some have ran for the lots of the fire burning behind them. some people are recovering from this fire monthly. and that's where these men to help workers come in. i followed a couple of them for a while, to as a gay bowater sex to the residence and talk to them to see how they were doing. and those workers say that simply by talking to people, and listening to them it can be comforting to them those returning residents. there are about 25 mental-health workers talking to people in the neighborhood. december 9th dollars and kron4 news. pfft >> anyone to show is all the foes of the explosion area, is
9:36 pm
ever know. if these are pictures are worth taking this weekend. talk about wayside, these pictures are showing the burned trees and looks almost alone landscaping. shot you can see workers here, people were talking today that seen this on tv, or one thing but the people who were beginning to go back into the neighborhood there were in shock. these are people checking on the the board to see whether about their homes of the red tide not seen the they could get backend. people stay seated and percent is really something to carry this is from the town hall meeting yesterday where people got to ask questions about what was a one-on-one they could expect to get back into their homes. had there were asking about the high help that they can get. and you could see from a lot of these those and more on our web site kron4 com. and we continue to welcome those videos and photos from your kron4 doc com. we also have information about site to contact investigators with
9:37 pm
information or the local red cross. braniff >> cooler temperatures out there today. these the most lots around the bay, the sea breezes pincushion of ocean air into the bait. '60s for concord in fairfield. so mild in antioch 71 degrees. if this is going to translate into a cooler day tomorrow. we have san jose right now,. clause will be moving into the bay area, after midnight look for cloudy conditions arkansas or with glaze get gray skies. it may take until the afternoon before the clouds care of. in some locations like san francisco and oakland. the filing for the afternoon our sunshine and temperatures generally in the '60s to the bay '70s in land, for tuesday still warm and morning fog. we're looking at some drizzle in some spots, but the fog should clear
9:38 pm
more clearly picked. that should mean a more slightly warmer day. generally rose in this mild weather pattern through the of the week. by the weekend there is a chance for an early season storm system perhaps a little better rain. i will let you more i will let you know more about that coming up kathryn >> we're hearing at around a gang, is claiming that is ready to lease the hiker one of the hikers been held prisoners, but for a price. they're now demanding an exchange for releasing zero.sarah. rid of the mansion and the limo
9:39 pm
budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes.
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we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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it has it has been a real roller- coaster ride for one the tigers held in iran. officials teaching in their mind whether they will release their short. the latest announcement came today they said they will let her go, but for praise. here's the latest. >> another waffle by the iranian government, after initially saying that chilled u.s. hiker
9:42 pm
stairs are would be released. then saying she would burley's, ronyon officials are saying shechem release for half a million dollars in bail money. the announcement coming on sunday. they're also willing to release their because of medical condition that she is suffering from. we spoke to the hiker's lawyer, he said he spoke met with the hiker's early sunday, but what is remarkable this is the first time the lawyer has met with his allies. ever since he was hired to represent them back in december the lawyer telling cnn that all three appeared to be in good condition, he said that sarah, was happy although her wishes to seek her fellow hikers released as well. since i read. swiss with the swiss embassy will play the role of mediator in this matter. it is very likely dot the surface family will split
9:43 pm
the money to swiss officials they will transfer to register it in our round knobs when the release will take place. as far as the other to hikers, debate senior prosecutor in iran said they're not going anywhere. there's enough evidence to show awards designed for the u.s. call when they allegedly crossed into running territory in july of 2009. spying is a serious crime that carries a possible death penalty periods of the ordeal is not over for those two individuals. good news for sarah, i for running officials do not change their minds again. analysts say the waffling over the past few days is evidence. that emerged after a disputed elections. of june 2009. earth's >> temperatures were dramatically cooler for today. it dropped a good 10 to 15 degrees around the bay area and we're going to clock even more
9:44 pm
tomorrow. your money for just as the head.
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they go upstairs to me with the genie in some cases people are getting a gift card vouchers help with financial assistance as well. and you could see that this report, that is outside the assistance center has the listings on the hollow ring tried yellow tag red tag. a lot of folks stopping here to get that information. this is that the veterans memorial recreation center in san bruno. how interesting, and kron4 news. >> behalf of moving into the bay, who temperatures right now are in the '50s curly where check hearing right now in ocean beach with of reaching out toward a logger. pleasant hill at 60, and sell loans are right
9:51 pm
now at 57 degrees plus hills 60. temperatures are cooler tonight in the musical are they for to more parley do applaud, we're going to the lots of cutting as this weekend. it has written pretty sunny morning hours, what is different for tomorrow. overcast skies all with the valleys. the fog should clear on 89 for liquor more concord. it will take started takes till 10:00 a.m. before we start to see some sunshine for san jose. about 2:00 in the afternoon for san francisco. all the fog of place temperatures ever never really hard time more know. we have 50s for most parts at 7:00 a.m.. now watch as we advance the clock for of the day, you'll notice of the temperatures will really have a hard time more real, you into the afternoon hours so by 4:00 p.m. regionalist to the highs, just 60 by the bay, analysts '70s for the warmest in land values. so '70s here for the north bay, los
9:52 pm
'70s for santa rosa a to 72 for nevada after phil perry up into the upper '70s. the average high a niece bay right now. is in the mid to upper eighties. upper 50s and 60s by the coast. 61 for in san francisco. look for the sixties from san leon brittan for mom or we will have a high of 69 degrees. some call the morning to start even in the east bay dollar with sunshine late morning. temperatures into the mid to upper '70s. los '70s for the south bay, with mom get up to 68 degrees. here's the seven they're around the bay. readings will warm up just a few degrees for tuesday. but the fog should clear little bit more croats flee. throughout the rest the we still think caught in the morning hours for the rest the we. those readings will really remain mild low to mid '80s in land upper 60s around the bay, and by next weekend there'll be some extra climbing
9:53 pm
as, a low clouds but how close from potential storm system that may been simmering we will keep you posted as beginner information. >> the raiders in the minors began nursing assistants and. will find that haul all the began nursing assistants and. will find that haul all the teams did today coming next. stime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items
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and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match. as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again.
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i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out.
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a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. the nine seasons began today with a quick intersection the seahawks scored 31 unanswered points. the final score 31 i see oxide 6. the season also began for the raiders, if the titans won 38 to 13 ever the raiders. good news for some bay area sports fans. the giants did beat the padres 6 to 1. meaning both teams are tied to the division lead. the giants have won 10 of the last 14 days. and the u.s.'s
9:57 pm
claim to a gold as basketball championship, 21 duran scored 28 points to lead the u.s. team against a host team turkey 81 to 64. the round trip on the tournament mvp trophy. a cooler lot of fog mark? >> yes with this are a lot of follow place to start to see some sunshine in the afternoon. the days will be initially in some spots only 61 degrees for san franciscolow '70s and the st cooler in land, down and eighties today to the mid to upper '70s from barrick fell to concord to livermore. and this is how warm we're going to be for the entire week. >> we will leave you with what a brighter notes of december no couple of dogs reunited with their homeowners today. this is a first chance are always got to get home, and find out of their dogs roquet look just fine. that was a big relief. thank you for joining us the new tonight 11.
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